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The College (As on 3rd  August 2020)


The College and Hospital is located on a plot of approximately 23.5 Acres on the Eastern Express  Highway, Sion, Mumbai.  The building is a H-shaped structure having two wings providing  2,40,000 sq.ft built up area. Different departments have adequate areas which includes Class rooms, Labs, Research Labs, Library, OPDs, Wards, Operation Theatres, Casualty, ICU, AKD, Central Pathology Lab, Blood Bank and Canteen etc.


The area of existing building has increased by addition of another Extension building under construction which has ground plus six floors. The Ground Floor (13,000 sq.ft) is for allotment to OPDs of different departments. Central Lobby is for reception and OPD waiting areas. The College and Hospital offices are also located on the First floor . The Fifth and sixth  floor is allotted for Student Hostel, thereby providing  accommodation to more than 350 students. The remaining floor is for Hospital services




Third floor of the College wing is exclusively teaching area. There are 5 Lecture Halls. Two Lecture Halls having seating capacity for 150 students.   Other two Lecture Halls accommodate 100 students each.  Lecture halls are gallery type.  There is one Lecture hall/ Auditorium of 400 seats.   Each Lecture Hall is equipped with Audio-Visual System and Over Head Projector.  LCD Projector is fixed  in two Lecture Halls. The Auditorium is used for Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences and Visitors Lectures.  In addition to these Lecture Halls there are six Demonstration Rooms in departments. Teaching programme is conducted regularly as per schedule.



6  demonstration rooms  in the departments accommodate 60  students in each .  In addition to this there are Demonstration area in OPDs also.  



There are 2 common rooms .  One each for Girls and Boys having about 700 Sq.Ft area with attached toilets and relaxing facilities.



There are 6 Laboratories

  1. There is Central Pathology lab for general and specialized investigations.   The lab is under administration of Dept. of Pathology of College. It has all the required equipments and a staff of 12 qualified Technicians working under the supervision of Faculty staff from Pathology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.   The lab services are available 24 hours.
  2. There are 2 Research Labs available for Diagnostic and Research work.
  1. There are Departmental Labs in Microbiology/Serology/Histopathology and Biochemistry.
  2. In addition to this, there are side labs in the wards for routine investigations.


Dean, Medical Superintendent, Hospital Administrator and each department has been provided with computers  and Internet facilities.Separate computer section with Internet facilities  is  also available in  Library where students and staff can avail the facilities.


An auditorium with 350 seats with audio visual system  is available for conducting Conferences,Seminars, students activities and  visitors lectures.


College has its own Hostel in the same campus having accommodation for 350 students which will be further increased to 500 students within six months as additional construction is going on.   Another Hostel having 37 rooms in 20,000 sq.ft area is allotted to 95 RMOs.  P.G. Students and  Interns.  A separate plot has been earmarked for a new Hostel in the same campus which is expected to be completed within 2 - 3 years as  the Plans has already prepared by the Architects and process for Government permission is in progress.   The proposed plan includes accommodation for teaching, non teaching and nursing staff as per requirement. This will provide accommodation to 75% of all the students, 100% of RMOs, P.G.s and Interns.  

RESIDENTIAL QUARTERS: Accommodation is provided to  Medical  Superintendant.(1),  Matron(1), House Sister(1), Faculty(2) adjacent to the campus, other 10 flats are  available  in another campus  of the Trust at Vidyavihar located at  a distance of 4Km. from College.    Accommodation is also made available for 20 staff nurses and 8 essential staff in the campus.  




Facilities for Indoor games like  Carrom, Table Tennis etc are avialable in the College building .   The open ground has a Scoccor field and areas for Cricket and Throwball. Additional facilities are available at  Vidyavihar campus.


Hospital has its own laundry.  It is equipped with washers, hydrators, driers and rollers for ironing.   Soiled linen is collected and  washed separately everyday.   It has a staff of 8 Dhobies.


A separate building in the campus prepares meals for patients under the supervision of Dietician.  Provision for special diet is there on prescription by Clinicians.  Food is cooked on gas burners under hygienic condition.


As per State Government directives College has contract with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for disposal of hospital waste.  The waste is collected every day in colour coded plastic bags for disposal.


A separate workshop is situated in the campus for routine repairs and maintenance of equipment.  It has 25 skilled workers.   Services of Carpenter (1), Electricians (6), Motor Mechanic (1), Technicians (6), Service Engineer (2), Foreman (1), Black Smith (1), Helper (2), Plumber (3) etc are available. A diesel operated 1000 KV Generator is used in emergency in case of power breakdown. Workshop is equipped with all necessary machines.   Essential services are available round the clock.



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